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preventing dental disease

Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene is Important to His Health and Happiness

Three out of four dogs over 3 years old have dental disease. It causes bad breath and tooth loss, but more importantly, the infection in the oral cavity spreads to vital internal organs and shortens dogs’ lives.

Dogs love to eat. And responsible owners take the time and effort to ensure that teeth and gum problems don’t hamper their dogs’ enjoyment of a good meal. Here are a few ways you can help keep those canine chompers clean and healthy:

Commit to home dental care such as daily brushing or rubbing of teeth and gums.
Offer large, hard biscuits; rawhide; or chew toys.
Feed a dental diet.
Supplement the diet with raw bones (some veterinarians think this works well).
Provide regular oral examinations and oral procedures as necessary.
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Tooth Brushing Basics

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