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Is your next dog going to be a Miniature Schnauzer? They’re known for being friendly, smart, and obedient. Check out seven more reasons he may be your ideal canine companion.

1. A Miniature Schnauzer will be your new best friend

Miniature Schnauzers want to be a part of your family and do whatever the family is doing. They are happy as long as they are with their people. They are good on road trips, they will go hiking or camping, or boating with you. Or, they’ll just sit and watch you cook or garden. They just want to be with you.

2. Miniature Schnauzers shed very little

Because of that, they’re a dog that even the worst allergy sufferer can often live with, and maybe even sleep with! As an added bonus, you won’t have dog hair in your house. The only catch is, they must be groomed every six weeks.

3. They can go miles on a walk or be just as happy on your lap, watching TV

Miniature Schnauzers can be great exercise buddies, able to walk several miles with you. An outside adventure can be a real treat. They are also happy simply laying on the sofa or on your lap and watching a movie or your favorite TV show.

4. Miniature Schnauzers excel at dog sports

They are an inquisitive and competitive breed that can be quite athletic and thrive many of sports, including: agility, obedience, rally, barn hunt, and Earthdog.

5. Despite their size, they’re not delicate dogs

Bred to be farm dogs and ratters, the Miniature Schnauzer is one tough dog. He’s sturdy, muscular, and fearless, but isn’t aggressive.

6. Schnauzers date back to at least the 15th century

Farmers bred them down from the Standard Schnauzer to make them more useful around the farm. It’s been known as a separate breed since 1899.

7. The Miniature Schnauzer’s personality is not necessarily “terrier-like”

Unlike the fiery independence of many in the Terrier group, this is a very friendly, trainable, obedient, and outgoing dog.

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