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AKC provides free dog and litter management through your MyAKC account. Have you been taking advantage of these tools? From your Manage Dogs you can do several actions like print entries, check points and print dog and litter records. Here are two tools that you may not have been aware of:

Printing Litter Records
You can print the litter records for your bitches from Manage Dogs under your MyAKC account.

  1. Go to Manage Dogs
  2. Select the dam of the litter (check box)
  3. Go to the Actions pull down menu and select Print Dog and Litter Records and push GO
  4. Select Litter Record and say okay for generating the PDF

It will generate the litter record with the litter information printed on it, including the registered name. It will not include the names & address of the owners. You must fill in that data.

Viewing Registered Puppies

You can see which puppies are registered and their registered name in your Manage Dogs/ Breeder Records on your MyAKC account.

  1. Log into your MyAKC account (if you are already logged in, clink on the MyAKC  link in the upper right to get taken to your profile page)
  2. On the left had menu select Breeder Records. This should pull up all of your litters.
  3. Select the litter you wish to review
  4. Select the tab in the lower right “Registered Puppies”. This will display the Registration Number, Registered Name, and Full/Limited status of the puppy.

Did you know that by filling out the online litter record for your puppies will set the Full/Limited status for your puppies so that it cannot be changed when the new owner registers the puppy online? This will prevent the new owner from trying to enter the full registration code. When online litter records are completed for your buyers, we will contact them via email or letter to remind them to register their puppies if you have not already registered the puppies for them. However, the best way to ensure your puppies are registered the way you want them to be is to register them yourself to the new owner.