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Very smart dog thinks in the library

Learning Objectives
Students will tell basic facts gleaned from listening to conversations and stories about dogs.

ELL Levels

Materials Needed
Two native English speakers (Canine Ambassador can assist)

Students will listen to a conversation between two native English speakers about one person’s new dog.
The Canine Ambassador can come in to facilitate this lesson, or the teacher can simply read both parts of the conversation script aloud.
If the Canine Ambassador brings his or her dog, the script can be adjusted to reflect the breed he or she is bringing.

The two native English speakers have a conversation following the script below:
Person 1) Hello! How are you?
Person 2) I’m great! I got a new dog.
1) Oh! How fun! What kind of dog did you get?
2) I got an American Foxhound.
1) Oh! I thought you were going to get a Dachshund.
2) Yes, but I decided to get the foxhound instead.
1) Why?
2) Well, the Dachshund isn’t as good with children as the Foxhound.
Also, the Foxhound is more energetic than a Dachshund and I like to go running.
1) Great! Is it a boy or a girl dog?
2) She is a girl.
1) What is her name?
2) I call her Lucy.
1) That’s sweet. How is she doing?
2) She’s good. She likes to go running with me and play catch. She gets along well with my kids and they love her.

Comprehension Questions:
• What kind of dog did (insert name here) get?
• Give two words that describe (Name’s) dog.
• Is (Name’s) dog a boy or girl dog?
• What is the dog’s name?

Independent Work
• Students listen to the recording about George, the Great Dane, or the teacher can read aloud the passage.
George is a Great Dane. He is a service dog. This means he has a job. He helps Bella get around. Bella is a ten year old girl. She has a disorder that makes it hard for her to move around. Before she met George she used a wheelchair or crutches to get where she needs to go. Now that George helps her, she can walk. George also helps Bella to feel brave and happy.

Comprehension Questions
1) What is the dog’s name?
2) What is the girl’s name?
3) How old is the girl?
4) Does the dog help the girl? Does the girl help the dog? Explain.
5) Why does Bella need George?
6) What kind of dog is George?

Review and Closing
• Review the answers with students.

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