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Learning Objectives
Students will use target vocabulary to describe the likes and dislikes of different dog breeds.

ELL Levels
Emerging, Developing

Likes, likes to, loves, loves to, doesn’t like, doesn’t like to, hates, hates to

Materials Needed
Vocabulary flashcards
Color-coded dog flashcards

• Introduce the vocabulary terms by directing students to stand on one side of the room if they like pizza, and on the other side if they don’t like pizza. Repeat the activity for the following topics: ice cream, coffee, reading, cleaning, exercise (see flash cards below). Alternate using the vocabulary terms above.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling
• Remind students of the difference between like and love, dislike and hate.
• Review the use of the infinitive form “likes to _____,” “loves to _________,” “doesn’t like to _____,” “hates to ______.”
• Explain that the dogs with a blue border are working dogs. They need to be very active. Show students the flashcards that have a blue border.
• Explain that the dogs with a red border are very calm. The don’t need a lot of exercise. Show accompanying flashcards.
• Dogs pictured with the green border are very good with kids.
• Dogs pictured with the yellow border are more independent and not as interested in playing with kids.

Independent Working Time
• Students work together in small groups or with a partner to sort the dogs into groups, using the target vocabulary.
• Sample responses include: This dog likes to play with kids. This dog doesn’t like to play with kids. This dog likes to run. This dog hates to run. This dog doesn’t like exercise. That dog loves running.

Review and Closing
• Ask students to choose a dog to “be.” Students move to one side of the room if they like an activity you call out, and go to the other side of the room if their chosen breed dislikes the named activity. Activities: running, walking, napping, sleeping, playing with children, being left alone, go for a walk with you, go outside by herself, cuddle with you, stay in her own space, play with a ball or rope, find a sunny spot to lie down in…

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Vocabulary flash cards

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