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STEM Agility Course


Materials Needed



Teacher Modeling/Explicit Instruction

  • Training for dog agility is a great way to bond with your dog. In agility courses, dogs go through pre-determined obstacles within a certain time limit.
  • In order to train their dogs, many trainers choose to build their own course with PVC pipes and plywood.
  • Course regulations can be found at
  • Obstacles include the following (not a complete list):
  1. A frame: the dog must go up one side and down the other.
  2. Dog walk: like a balance beam for a dog.
  3. Seesaw: the dog must go up one side of the seesaw, change its balance, and go down the other side.
  4. Open Tunnel: the dog goes in one end and out the other.
  5. Weave Poles: the dog weaves in and out from one end of the line of poles to the other.
  6. Bar Jumps: the dog jumps over a bar at various heights in the course.
  7. Panel Jump: this jump looks like jumping over a solid wall
  8. Double Bar Jump: the dog jumps over two parallel bars.
  9. Triple Bar Jump: the dog jumps over a series of three ascending bars.
  10. The dog jumps through a tire or circular object.






  • Explain to students that they will be designing, creating, and decorating their own agility course using repurposed materials.
  • Pass out planning sheet and go over the instructions with students.