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Family Dog Jan-Feb. 2019

Heroes and Helpers by Mara Bovsun, photos by Newfound Friends

Without Hesitation” Digital Copy

Printable Copy of Article

Annotate Article purposefully.

Purposeful annotation:

  • Make connections (I’m like that person because… I ‘ve seen that kind of dog before…)
  • Summarize or rephrase a sentence or paragraph
  • List any reasons or evidence the author supplies to support his or her assertions
  • Circle/box/underline unfamiliar vocabulary and then define
  • Jot down questions


Answer the questions below and discuss with a partner.

  1. What evidence does the author provide to show why Whizz deserved to win the Order of Merit for “outstanding devotion to duty”?
  2. What traits does the Newfoundland breed have that makes it so good at water rescue?

Debate:  Newfoundlands should be employed as working lifeguards in the US.

Connect: Make a connection to a paragraph in this article.