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“Lean on Me” by Mara Bovsun, AKC Family Dog Jan/Feb 2019 digital version


Directions:  Read and Annotate. Then answer the questions below.  Next to your answer, provide the paragraph number that supports each answer.

1. Define osteogenesis imperfecta.
a) Imperfect bones
b) Brittle bone disease
c) Disease of older dogs
d) Bone cancer

2. Why was there initial resistance to using Great Danes as service dogs?
a) Great Danes had a reputation as clumsy and goofy.
b) Great Danes are very aggressive.
c) Great Danes are not strong enough to help people.
d) Great Danes do not learn quickly.

3. The main idea of this article is:
a) Great Danes are funny dogs, like Scooby Doo.
b) Great Danes are actually from Germany, not Denmark.
c) Great Danes are very good service dogs because they are big and strong enough to support humans who need help walking.
d) Great Danes need to be trained very carefully because they grow up to be so large.

4. The author’s purpose in writing this article is:
a) To give information about service dogs
b) To give information about training Great Danes
c) To give information about why Great Danes are good service dogs
d) To give information about why you should buy a Great Dane as your next pet

5. How did Finn prove his value to the Dahl family?
a) He scared away a man when Eve was out walking.
b) He chased away a horse that was bothering Eve.
c) He supported Eve when she got separated from her family in a crowd.
d) He won Best of Breed in a dog show.