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Dog Shows and Events


45-55 minutes

Resources Needed:

Best in Show Video

Road to Best in Show Diagram

“Best in Show” by Karen LeFrak

AKC YouTube

AKC Events Word Search


Invite a Canine Ambassador to visit your group to teach this lesson. They have excellent resources available to them.


  1. Show students the 2017 National Dog Show Best in Show Video.
  2. Briefly explain the different roles of judge, ring steward and show superintendent. You can find information about here.
  3. Use the “Road to Best in Show” diagram to briefly explain the different levels of winning Best of Breed, Best in Show and Champion. Show the different ribbons and explain the meaning of the colors.
  4. Read the book “Best in Show” by Karen LeFrak. This book can be obtained from a library or purchased on a book seller’s website.
  5. Discuss the book and how it compared to what the students saw in the Best in Show video. You may choose to use a venn diagram to illustrate this.
  6. Visit the AKC YouTube channel on a screen that the students can see. Please note that AKC cannot control the advertisements that come up before the video or on the side, so please bring the videos up and review prior to showing the students. This page features short videos that highlight many types of events. Play a few for the students. We recommend:

Dock Diving

AKC Flyball

The Fun of AKC Rally

  1. Allow students to share what they liked about the events they learned about.
  2. If you have time, allow students to complete the AKC Events Word Search.


Download the printable version of this lesson plan HERE.