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Got a minute?

If so, you can learn the essentials of any breed. Not enough to call yourself an expert, of course. But in the time it takes to watch a TV commercial, you can pick up just enough breed knowledge to bluff your way through a conversation at the dog park.

The average adult reading speed is 300 words a minute. So, here are exactly 300 words on the Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkies are the AKC’s most popular toy breed and rank sixth among all breeds in our most recent rankings. With recent U.S. population shifts toward cities, it should come as no surprise that the compact, portable, and personable Yorkie is an American favorite. These 5-to-7-pound bundles of attitude are thought of as pampered, beribboned lapdogs, but they were originally bred by weavers in 19th-century Yorkshire, England, as tough little ratters utilized to keep textile mills free of vermin. These days, they can still summon enough of their ancestral grit to corner a mouse behind the washing machine.

The breed’s glory is a long, silky coat of blue and tan that looks and behaves much like human hair. Lots of brushing and grooming are required to keep the low-shedding coat at its shimmering best; some owners prefer to keep their Yorkies in a clip shorter than the luxurious, flowing version seen at dog shows. A Yorkie’s dark eyes shine with intelligence and add to the air of self-importance owners find so endearing.

A key to their popularity might be that they combine attractive qualities of terriers and toy dogs. Like any self-respecting terrier a Yorkie is confident, curious, and independent, eager to explore whatever environment they inhabit, whether it’s a barnyard or a Park Avenue penthouse. And, as a toy dog, they bond tightly with their owner and are happiest when lavishing lots of love on that special someone.

Alert and spirited, and bold enough to stand their ground against much larger intruders, Yorkies make good little watchdogs. They are generally long-lived and, once you establish who’s the boss, they train well with positive reinforcement.

With all that going for them it’s no wonder that Yorkshire Terriers, the classic “big dog in a small package” breed, continue to soar in popularity.

… And stop the clock—your minute’s up!

Got another minute? Reward your diligence with this basketful of Yorkie puppies going nuts on the lawn:



Got more than a minute? Explore our official Yorkshire Terrier page and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America website
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