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With their active, friendly, and outgoing personality, it's no wonder Labrador Retrievers have been the AKC's most popular breed for 26 years in a row. The Lab is gentle, intelligent, and easy to train. They are excellent guide dogs, loyal members of search-and-rescue teams, and faithful K-9 owners. They're also perfect family pets and companions.

Lab owners share a common bond, not only because of their undying love for their breed, but also because they know the following 10 things to be true.

1. Your dog loves balls and toys. He loves to chase them, fetch them, and if there's a ball around, you know your dog is going to be interested.


2. You don't have to worry about “picky eating.” More than likely your Lab will be happy to eat anything and therefore you know better than most how to teach the “leave it” command.


3. Your Lab may be almost 70 pounds, but that doesn't stop him from sitting on your lap. It's all about that Lab love.


4. You have the most loyal sidekick there is; he'll go everywhere and anywhere with you.


5. You're no stranger to doggy kisses. Your face is covered in them constantly.


6. Your breed is always on the “best breed” lists. It's because Labs are so versatile! Best dogs for kids, the Lab is on there. Smartest, most popular… you'll always find the Lab listed.


7. No matter how far, or in what direction you throw a toy, your Lab always seems to catch it. Sometimes it takes a while to teach them, but once they learn to catch, you can't stop 'em.


8. Only say the world WALK if you truly mean it…because once your Lab has heard it, he's up and ready to go.


9. You know there's no keeping your Lab out of the pool, lake, or any other body of water. After all, they're quite literally born to swim.

lab swimming

10. Play time = ALL the time! You don't need us to tell you that Labs are high-spirited, very active, and love to play with others (especially you).


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