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Pointing Breeds

Tracking Devices

Only AKC approved tracking devices are allowed in AKC Field Trials and Hunting Tests. The use of tracking devices is left to the discretion of the host club.

Pointing Breed Field Trials and Hunting Tests — Tracking devices are allowed unless the host club specifies on the premium list they are not allowed.


AKC Approved Tracking Devices

The following makes / models of tracking devices are AKC approved for pointing breed field events provided they are unmodified from the manufacturer.

Regulations Governing the Use of Tracking Devices at AKC Pointing Dog Events

The following Regulations become effective August 1, 2009.

The use of tracking devices is solely for locating the dog once the dog is no longer under judgment. Information obtained through the use of a tracking device must not be used to aid the handler, scout or judges. If the host club allows tracking devices, the following regulations on their use will apply.

  1. AKC Approved — Only tracking devices approved by the AKC Performance Events Department will be permitted. The collar and receiver must be used as received from the manufacturer. No modifications may be made other than name tags may be added. The collar surface against the dog’s neck shall be flat. Approval will include both the collar and the receiver.
  2. Carrying Receivers — The scout may not carry a receiver. The handler may carry a receiver with the permission of the Judges. The receiver must be turned off while the dog is under judgment.
  3. Receivers in the Gallery Must Be Turned Off — No one in the gallery shall track the dogs while the dogs are under judgment.
  4. No “Outside” Communications — No one shall communicate in any manner with the handler, scout, judges or gallery any information obtained through the use of a tracking device while the dogs are under judgment. This includes the use of cell phones.
  5. Receivers May Only Be Used Once the Dog is No Longer Under Judgment — Receivers shall only be activated once judgment has concluded. If a dog is gone at time, the dog is still under judgment until the judges indicate otherwise.
  6. Dogs Lost From Previous Braces — If a dog is lost from a previous brace, the handler and scout may use their receivers during the next brace solely for the purpose of locating their dog. Once the dog is located, they must immediately turn off their receivers. They must not communicate any information they obtain through the use of their receivers concerning the dogs currently under judgment.
  7. Judges May Not Consider Information Obtained Through Tracking Devices — Judges are not to consider any information obtained through the use of a tracking device. No one shall use information from a tracking device to attempt to influence a judge or to discredit the judge’s decision.
  8. The use of a tracking collar is an elective and it is the handler’s responsibility to furnish the device. The running of a stake shall not be held up due to the lack of a tracking device.
  9. Two Collar Rule — A dog may wear no more than two collars except one flea/tick collar. All collars shall be worn on the dog’s neck. If the handler elects to use a tracking collar, it shall remain on the dog during the entire time the dog is under judgment. If the handler removes the tracking collar, the dog shall be considered out of judgment. Only one of the two collars may be a tracking collar.
  10. The use of tracking devices is at the discretion of the host club. For both Field Trials and Hunting Tests, the premium list must state that tracking devices are not allowed, otherwise they will be allowed.
  11. Rescinding Use — Use of specific tracking devices may be rescinded at any time by the AKC Performance Events Department if the regulations pertaining to their use become overly difficult to enforce or in the case of repeated misuse.
  12. Tracking devices may be worn during call backs, including a call back for retrieve. If a dog did not wear a tracking collar during its brace, it may not wear one in a call back.


Note — Electronic flashing collars are not allowed in AKC Pointing Breed field events.


If an Event Committee determines a violation of these Regulations may have occurred, the accused (which includes anyone involved in the misuse of the tracking device including the act of communicating improperly obtained information) shall be charged with misconduct. An Event Committee hearing must be held. If the Event Committee determines through the hearing process that a violation did occur, the accused shall be immediately suspended from all forms of participation in AKC Pointing Breed field events. The dog shall be disqualified from the stake.