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AKC Registered Handlers

Registered Handlers Program Application Procedure

  • Applications will be available by e-mailing your request to:, calling 919-816-3884 or writing to: American Kennel Club, Attn: Handlers Department, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390.
  • AKC staff will process receipt of applications making sure all sections of the form have been completed and the nonrefundable application fee of $100 has been included. Application fee will be credited against the first year’s annual fee for enrolled handlers.
  • AKC staff will review applications to determine those individuals who meet the criteria.
  • The names of applicants will be published in the Gazette, will be emailed to current member of the Registered Handlers Program, and will be published in the Quarterly RHP Newsletter. Letters concerning the handler applicants should be sent to the Handlers Department or e-mailed to As a result, it should be understood that any such correspondence will be made available, upon request, to the handler applicant.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the above items, the handler applicant will be notified by mail if they have been accepted for enrollment in the Registered Handlers Program. Payment of the annual maintenance fee of $250.00 per individual (if accepted after June 30th the fee is $125.00 for the remainder of the year) will be due upon receipt of the notification. Registered Handlers will be assigned an identification number and given a lapel pin that will denote participation in the program.
  • The AKC will publish a list of the Registered Handlers, confirming the standards they have met to achieve this recognition. This information will be distributed by the AKC on their website, made available through the Handlers Department, and through the show-giving clubs.
  • Through the efforts of AKC and Registered Handlers we will strive to maintain professionalism and integrity within the sport of dogs.


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