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AKC Scent Work: News & Updates

AKC Scent Work: News & Updates

Changes to Entry Limits

As of October 1, 2019, the Scent Work Judging Calculator is to be used as a guideline to help clubs determine judge assignments. We are reverting back to the previous limits of 125 entries per judge per day.

Judging Entry Limit Revision

New Regulations and Judging Calculator

An electronic copy of the new Regulations (effective October 1, 2019) is now available. Print copies will not be available for purchase until August 1.

Regulations for AKC Scent Work

For trials October 1 or later, Scent Work judges are limited to 8 hours of judging time per day (formerly they were limited to 125 runs). To determine judging time based on entry numbers, a Judging Calculator has been created.

Scent Work Judging Calculator- Instructions

Scent Work Judging Calculator- Manual Version

Scent Work Judging Calculator- Individual Entry Version

Results of Scent Work Survey

In September of 2018, the Scent Work department sent surveys out to assess the opinions of the Scent Work community on possible changes to the Regulations. Emails with a link to the survey were sent to any person who fell into the following three groups and had an e-mail address on file with the AKC:

  1. AKC Scent Work Judges
  2. Scent Work Trial Hosts (those who had worked as Trial Secretary or Trial Chair)
  3. Scent Work Title-Earners (primary owner of any dog who had earned at leaast one Scent Work title)

Please click here to access the detailed results of this survey- Scent Work Regulations Survey (Sept 2018)

Changes to Regulations Effective October 1, 2019

The AKC Board of Directors recently voted to approve a number of changes to the Regulations for AKC Scent Work. This was published in the April Board Minutes with an incorrect effective date of July 1. These changes will not go into effect until October 1, 2019.

A summary of the changes is available and the full and complete text (fixing a few errors that were recently discovered) will be available as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

AKC Introduces AKC Scent Work Contractors

AKC Scent Work is beyond pleased to introduce our Scent Work Contractors: Angela Ogle, Lisa Russell, Penelope and Scott-Fox. These individuals have extensive Scent Work experience, and they will act as advisers to the program and assist judges and clubs in the administration of trials. Click each contractor’s picture to read about their experience!

Angela Ogle

Angela Ogle
Valparaiso, Indiana

Angela Ogle brings to AKC Scent Work years of experience – she is a certified judge in three different Scent Work venues, and has hosted trials, organized new clubs, created educational programs, and even served on breed standard committees. She is a Hall of Fame breeder producing World Champion Disc Dogs, Versatility Winners and multiple National Specialty breed winners, as well as working dogs including cadaver, search and rescue, and canine entertainment.  Angela’s interests in the dog world are wide ranging, including Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Shed Hunting, Dock Diving, Dog Parkour, Disc Dog, and Herding, in addition to Scent Work. Angela is the perfect person to introduce current dog clubs to this new sport, and AKC Scent Work is fortunate that she has agreed to lend her expertise. Angela is located in Valparaiso, Indiana. Angela can be reached here.


Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell
Ocala, Florida

Lisa Russell has been working with dogs professionally since 1980. She began her career in the United States Air Force where she worked as a Patrol Dog/Drug Detection Dog handler. In that role, she routinely conducted narcotics searches of military quarters, prisons, and naval ships. Lisa has been teaching Scent Work since 2013, and she was pivotal to bringing the sport of Scent Work to the state of Florida, which is now one of the most active areas of the country in AKC Scent Work. Lisa brings unmatched enthusiasm and a unique perspective to the AKC Scent Work program. Lisa is located in Ocala, Florida. Lisa can be reached here.


Penelope Scott-Fox

Penelope Scott-Fox
Altadena, California

Penelope Scott-Fox is one of the ‘orginal’ seven founding instructors of the National Assocation of Canine Scent Work and has judged and certified innumerable trials.  She was the first Chief Search Designer and judge for United States Canine Scent Sports.  Penelope’s dog Turner competed in all of NACSW’s National Invitationals to date – winning the 2015 trial in Colorado.  Her dog Blaze is the first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever to earn his Elite title. Penelope has been instrumental in the creation, establishment, and spread of Scent Work in the United States, and AKC Scent Work is very lucky to have her expertise. Penelope is located in Altadena, California. Penelope can be reached here.


AKC Scent Work- the newest sport!:

Updated Regulations: