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This is a cute trick that will have your dog rolling her ball with her nose in no time.

To get started, you will just need your dog’s bowl and a soccer ball. Start training this game on carpet so the ball does not roll far away and result in your dog chasing the ball.

  • Put a treat in her bowl while she is watching and place the soccer ball on top of the treat.
  • Give her a chance to figure out how to move the ball to get the treat. You can help her by pushing the ball aside with your hand and then place the ball again on top of treat.
  • Once she has mastered rolling the ball out of the bowl, place the ball on the carpet and put a treat under the ball.
  • When she is consistently pushing the ball to get the treat, stop placing the treat under the ball and transition to rewarding from your hand after she rolls the ball.
  • Put a name to the game, like “Soccer,” and when she pushes the ball with her nose, reward.
  • Take an advanced step and now teach her to push the ball into a small soccer net.

yorkie soccer ball

Don’t forget; always make training sessions short and fun!

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