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Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Best Toys and Games For Senior Dogs
Even though your dog's puppy years are far behind him, his need to play is still strong. Playtime provides senior dogs with mental stimulation, keeps their cognitive skills in tip-top shape, and helps them maintain a youthful personality. Check out the following ways to engage your senior dog in mentally challenging, age-appropriate play. Games to Play With Your Senior Dog […] | July 24, 2019
German shepherd puppy playing fetch outside
Expert Advice: Advanced Training How to Teach a Dog to Fetch or Retrieve
AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer Erin Rakosky tells us how to get any dog interested in picking up and retrieving toys. Fetch is a great game to play with your dog and also a good way to exercise your pet. Some dogs naturally pick up fetch while others may have no interest. Some dogs like the […] | January 24, 2019
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dog Myths Debunked: Can Playing Tug-Of-War Lead to Aggression in Dogs?
If you've heard that playing tug-of-war can lead to aggression in dogs, you're not alone. Unlike more innocuous games such as "fetch," tug-of-war inspires debate within the canine community. We chatted with Dr. Mary Burch, director of the AKC Family Dog Program and a certified animal behaviorist, to get her professional opinion on the game […] | July 26, 2018

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