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Gracie is a survivor. And now she is helping others going through cancer treatment.

The long-hair Chihuahua-mix is a therapy dog who works with her owner Cheryl Tankersley at Planet Hair, a wig store for cancer patients in Virginia, and was recently featured on WRIC, a local ABC affiliate, in honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Gracie previously had mammary tumors removed, a fact that made her a perfect fit for Tankersley, who also does therapy work with hospice patients. “She knows what it is to hurt,” Tankersley told the news station. “We call her our little compassion giver.”

Donning a pink tutu dress, Gracie sits on customers’ laps as they are fitted for wigs, offering comfort and compassion. “I have never experienced the power of healing that an animal has until I saw it with my own eyes,” says Tankersley.

Gracie was introduced to the salon’s customers back in April with a Facebook post. It read: “She is wonderful at calming nerves and bringing joy…”

See her in action in the WRIC video:
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