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English Setter in the backyard with a tennis ball.

Graceful, elegant gun dog or sweet and loving family companion? The English Setter is both! Sometimes called the “gentlemen of the dog world,” they’re an ideal combination of versatile hunting partner and gentle, affectionate pet. One look into those soulful eyes and you may be hooked for life.

1. Their Coat Coloring Is Distinctive

The English Setter’s silky white coat has unusual speckling, called belton, that’s a distinctive trait of the breed. They may be either orange belton (white with tan markings), blue belton (white with black markings), tricolor (blue belton with tan on muzzle, over the eyes, and on the legs), or the less common liver belton or lemon belton. Whatever color, they’re beautiful dogs.

Two English Setters side by side outdoors.
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2. They’re Superb Hunters

If you don’t hunt, you’ll still need to give your English Setter lots of exercise. These are athletic dogs, always up for a hike or a run. In fact, they may get you up and off the couch.

3. They Are Gentle and Affectionate

English Setters snuggling together with their heads.
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4. The Breed Traces to the 1300s

The English Setter traces its long history back to the 14th century. Medieval English Setters would crouch on the hunter’s front legs to indicate the presence of birds. This laying-down position was called “setting,” hence the name “Setter.”

5. The AKC First Recognized the English Setter in 1878

The English Setter was one of the nine original dog breeds recognized by the AKC in 1878. These are called the “charter breeds.”

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