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Office Dog for Hire

The search is over. We have found the dreamiest of dream jobs. There’s just one catch… humans need not apply.

The Vine offices in New York City are looking to fill a very exciting position: Office Dog.

This position may be cutesy, but it’s nothing to laugh at. This is a real human resources effort, down to a formal job description and application page.

The Office Dog position, listed in the company of Software Engineer and Product Manager, has a full checklist of responsibilities and requirements like any other job.

Some of the responsibilities of this employee will be to “provide kisses whenever called upon,” and to “smell OK.”

Vine is looking for a pup with experience; this isn’t anyone’s just-graduated-from-the-whelping-box kind of job.

The company wants their Office Dog to be cute, but unable to reach employees’ lunches. Vine also prefers a dog with a Computer Science degree from an Ivy League school, so if you chase your tail, you should probably look elsewhere.

The posting makes sure to note that Vine is an equal opportunity employer and “all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to breed, color, paw size, ear length, pound history or any other characteristic protected by law applicable to the state in which you work.”

Salary information will be provided at the time of interview, but Vine spokesperson, Carolyn Penner, told CNN Money that they are, “willing to pay up to six treats per day, with an annual bonus of one rawhide bone.”

Sounds like absolute PAWfection.

If having your dog in the office with you sounds like heaven, getting his Canine Good Citizen certification is a great place to start to make this dream come true.

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