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If you celebrate Easter, you probably fondly remember going on Easter egg hunts as a child.

Learning how to get your dog involved in the tradition allows you to never outgrow the fun.

Here is a helpful guide to setting up a safe and fun Easter egg hunt for your dog.


  • Plastic Easter eggs can crack in a dog's mouth if they bite down too hard and this can cause injury. A safe and easy alternative to plastic Easter eggs can be a Kong, or other dog toys that have hidey holes especially made to hold treats. You can even just hide the treats themselves without a container. Your dog will enjoy sniffing these out just as much.

  • When filling toys or hiding goodies, do not use any Easter treats for humans (chocolate and other candy is toxic to dogs). You can use kibbles or dog treats you may have on hand at home, or you can try fruits or vegetables like banana and sweet potato for an extra special treat.

  • Limit the number of treats to make sure your pup doesn't get sick from eating too much rich food, too quickly. Two to three kibbles, one treat, or fruit or veggie will suffice for each. You can also use one of his daily meals to fill the toys to help avoid overeating.

  • Adjust the treats for your desired length of the game; if you want to make the game last longer, with lots to find, reduce the number of treats along the way. Your dog's nose will lead him along no matter how many treats are out there.
  • Keep count of the treats you hide so you know when your dog has found them all and you're not accidentally leaving anything behind for critters.
  • Hide the toys or treats on, or close to, the ground so you don't create unwanted behaviors by encouraging your dog to jump and climb up on things.
  • Keep your hiding spots simple. Under a bush or behind a curtain are perfect places, they keep the game fun without requiring your dog to tip or knock anything over.

  • Encourage your dog as you play with a happy, upbeat voice, telling him to “go find it, or asking “what is it?”

  • If you are playing with your dog on a leash, make sure you leave him enough slack so that his nose can lead him, and he can lead you.


If you would like to attend a public dog-friendly Easter egg hunt in your area, you can search in your area for events, here.
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