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Corgis are quirky little guys with their own personalities as individual as the difference between a Pembroke and a Cardigan. Each deserves a gift as quirky and individual as they are.

1. Coffee Mug

corgi mug


A simple cup of joe in the morning alongside your faithful, loyal Corgi is the perfect way to start the day.


2. Phone Case

Corgi phone case

The best way to protect your phone while out for walks with your Corgi is with this breed specific phone case.


3. Umbrella

corgi umbrella

The Corgi is always on the ready and alert, so make sure you are too with an umbrella in case there is a sudden rainstorm while you're out playing Frisbee.


4. Coffee Mug

Anyone who knows Corgis knows that they are small but pack a mean punch, much like Godzilla.


5. Squishable Corgi

For as tough as the Corgi is, they are also super lovable and loyal best friends. As soft as squishy as this stuffed toy.


6. Sweatshirt

corgi sweatshirt

For all the many emotions your Corgi displays, there’s a sweatshirt with emoticons to name them all.


7. Book

The adventures of a Corgi? Sounds like there would be plenty of excitement and toughness involved.


8. Wedding Cake Toppers

corgi wedding toppers

Not the typical wedding cake toppers, but then again, Corgis aren’t the typical dog either.


9. T-shirt

corgi shirt

A shirt for all those who are both “Game of Thrones” fans and Corgi lovers.


10. Greeting Card

corgi greeting card

Let’s face it, Corgis have a nice butt, and they certainly wiggle it enough. This is a greeting card for those Corgi-lovers who will appreciate the compliment.


11. Credit Card Holders

corgi card holder

Corgi credit card holders for those times when you need to downsize a little, maybe just running out to grab another set of tennis balls for your Corgi.


12. Stickers

There’s just no reason to not have a set of Corgi stickers for around the house.


13. Corgi Balloons

For birthdays or holidays, or just because there doesn't need to be a reason for Corgi balloons.


14. Magnets

Can’t get enough of the Corgi butt? Magnets showcasing the famous derriere.


15. Sticker

Another interpretation of OCD is definitely Obsessive Corgi Disorder.


16. Wall Art

corgi wall art

The ‘Love’ block letters from Times Square with a Corgi on it, sounds about right for any Corgi-loving home.


17. Pants

corgi pants

The perfect pair of pants to take you Corgi out for a long walk in.


18. Light-Up Sign

corgi sign

A great wall decoration for a game room to show off your Corgi love with a little vintage feel.
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