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The next time someone mistakes your Portuguese Water Dog for a Poodle, you'll have a chance to extol all the virtues of this happily energetic, athletic, and affectionate breed. He's a perfect combination of working dog, loving companion, and ace athlete. Fans say that to know him is to love him.

1. The Portuguese Water Dog (Portie) has an ancient and storied history as a working dog and fisherman's companion. Living and working on boats alongside the crew, he herded fish into nets, dove to retrieve broken or lost equipment, and could swim from ship to ship or ship to shore as a courier. With unmatched intelligence and the strength and endurance his job demanded, he was an invaluable member of the crew.
port water dog

2. The Portie has webbed feet, as most water dogs do, and a waterproof coat. He maneuvers easily in the water and could swim all day.

3. Modern Portuguese Water Dogs excel at retrieving in water . . .

. . . Even when it means diving underwater.

4. They're at their most joyful whenever water is involved.

5. Portuguese Water Dogs come in a variety of coat colors, including black, brown and sometimes white. There are also combinations of black or brown with white. The texture of the coat can vary, too, either curly or wavy. Porties are a good option for allergy sufferers because their coats are hypoallergenic. Regardless of color and coat, they are ruggedly built, muscular dogs.

6. In addition to varying in coat and color, they may vary in their style of haircut — many owners prefer what's known as a lion cut.


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7. Even if he's not working, the Portuguese Water Dog needs lots and lots of vigorous exercise.

8. All that energy and intelligence help the breed excel at dog sports, like agility and rally.


#airbourne!!! #PWD #portuguesewaterdog Jules and I started formal agility training a few weeks ago at the local club. She's LOVING it!

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9. As any fan of the breed knows, they have another trait that's both exasperating and endearing: they want (actually they demand) lots of attention and human contact. With a piercing, expectant look and tail wagging in anticipation, they'll let you know they're coming with you, wherever you're going.

10. He loves you, he really loves you and will not be happy being left alone.


Highlighting my boy's highlights. #pwdsofinstagram #portuguesewaterdogs #portuguesewaterdogsofinstagram #pwds

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11. Portuguese Water Dogs have gained recognition and popularity recently, since the breed has become First Dog. Even a president must make time in his schedule for some play.
Obama dog


12. Fisherman, president, or just an active family, no one could ask for a happier, more enthusiastic companion.
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