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Dog owners are as diverse as the breeds they love, but there is one thing we can all agree on: Life with dogs gets messy. As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes it can be a chore to clean up after the many messes our dogs make. Luckily, whether it’s getting dog hair off the couch or wiping muddy paw prints off your hardwood floors, there are cleaning tools and techniques out there to help you get the job done.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep our homes clean and our family safe. When cleaning with pets in the house, two important products to always have on-hand are reusable gloves to keep yourself germ-free and a multisurface cleaner to keep the floors your dog walks on germ-free.

Just like you wash your hands and take off your shoes before coming into the house, you should clean up after your dog when they come in and out of the house as well. A multisurface cleaner makes it easy to keep track of the germs entering your home.

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With this household cleaning guide for dog owners, you’ll have everything you need to create a tidy home.

How to Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors

Long gone are the days of wall-to-wall carpeting — hardwood floors are the current trend for homes and apartments. One of the benefits of these floors is that they’re much easier to clean, especially when it comes to spills or muddy paws. But what about dog hair? It clings to everything.

Vacuuming can help. Sometimes, however, even the best vacuums end up pushing around dog hair instead of sucking it all up. When that’s the case, you’ll want to use a microfiber floor duster with a specially designed comb that grabs strands of hair, as well as dust and lint. A nice bonus, microfiber dusters are reusable and machine washable, making them more eco-friendly and typically more economical than their one and done counterparts.

How to Mop Your Dirty Hardwood Floors

Simply put, dogs track mud and dirt into our homes and sometimes have “accidents” too. While you can’t prevent messes, there’s a quick fix that will keep your hardwood floors looking great — a spray mop and special hardwood floor cleaner. Together they’re a powerful combo to combat dirt and grime, no bucket required.

For extreme messes, you might want to opt for a heavy-duty, machine washable mop, suitable for all surfaces. Before mopping, you may want to consider using a reliable broom and dustpan to pick up loose dirt. When you are done sweeping and mopping, finish off your hardwood floor with a protectant and polish, which will restore that glossy shine.

How to Clean Dog Messes off Other Floor Types

How do you clean other floor types — tile, vinyl, or linoleum? For non-hardwood floors, you can use the same kind of cleaning tools mentioned above with a multi-surface cleaner. Just like with hardwood, it’s always good to turn to what’s tried and true, like a traditional mop with a larger head to cover more surface area. Doing so will get your floor clean quicker.

How to Clean Dog Hair off Couches

If your dog is allowed on your furniture (and even if he’s not), it’s pretty much a sure thing that you’ll end up with dog hair sticking to your upholstery. Vacuuming can address the problem. But there are other solutions that some say work better. Many dog owners suggest raking dog hair off furniture using a dry squeegee.

Another handy tool you can use is a good old fashioned lint roller. Lint rollers are perfect for removing dog hair from tough to reach spots on couches, curtains, and more.

Reusable gloves can also serve a double-function in helping you remove dog hair from furniture and other places around the house.

How to Clean Dog Smudges off Windows and Doors

Have you ever watched as your goofy dog has mushed his face (or tongue) against a freshly wiped down window? Next time skip cleaning up with paper towels and grab a window squeegee. The tool is better for the environment and won’t leave streaks. You can combine this tool with a concentrated window cleaner explicitly designed for squeegees to eliminate squeegee chatter.

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