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Dog owners are as diverse as the breeds they love, but there is one thing we can all agree on: life with dogs gets messy. From mud and hair to nose goop, canine companions leave their mark on our hearts and our homes — but an arsenal of cleaning products can help you focus on the joy of dog ownership instead of the mess. Here are some techniques and tools for cleaning up after a dirty dog.

1. When mud gets on your hardwood floors.

Dander and dirt cling to non-carpeted surfaces, which is where a convenient, easy to use Libman spray mop picks up the slack. These mops don’t require a bucket and can shine up a floor in a matter of minutes — cleaning up after spills, accidents, or just daily life with a dog. For real messes, Libman also carries a heavy duty, machine washable Wonder Mop suitable for all surfaces.

2. When nose goop covers your windows.

Not all breeds shed, and some are notoriously messier than others, but any dog with access to a window can leave nose goop on the glass. Window squeegees don’t leave streaks like paper towels, and they speed up cleaning so that your dog’s view of the neighborhood is once again crystal clear.

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3. When pet hair takes up residence on surfaces in your home.

Dog hair doesn’t just end up on the ground. It finds its way onto furniture, countertops, and, of course, our food. One way to keep airborne pet hair to a minimum is frequent dusting. A high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth easily removes pet hair from surfaces.

4. When your canine companion causes a spill.

If you own a larger breed, you’ve probably had your coffee table cleared by an exuberant tail wag at least once. Cleaning up a broken dish or vase requires a reliable broom and dustpan, and brooms are also great for spot cleaning after grooming.

5. When your carpeting has taken a beating.

For most dog owners, a reliable vacuum is crucial for cleanliness and sanity. While owners of low-shedding breeds like Poodles or Havanese might be able to get away with an ordinary vacuum to clean up dog dirt, those with big time shedders like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs need pet-tested vacuum cleaners that can handle large amounts of dog hair. If your pets are allowed on the furniture, you may also want to invest in vacuum attachments that can clean your couch or a good lint brush.

It may take time to develop the perfect cleaning strategy for your dog, but these products will help you keep things under control, no matter how dirty your adorable pup gets.
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