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Parent Club Best Practices Mission Statement

Welcome to the Best Practices resource documents and links created by the Parent Club Best Practices Committee. Our committee was formed in the early months of 2020 and represents the collective efforts of nearly a dozen AKC Delegates, Parent Club Presidents or Officers and AKC Staff.

Our overarching goal has been to create a roadmap for success by isolating and defining those components which are critical to the successful operation of an AKC Parent Club. Our final product documents existing practices within Parent Clubs of varying sizes to provide a template that allows them to compare and contrast their practices with other clubs.

Throughout the reading, remember one major tenet of the presentation:

There is no one best and only way to run a Parent Club. 

We hope you find much to use in the following sections which will show the topic heading, author, and links. The list below details the subject discussed in the outlines. In some cases, there are supporting documents which expand on the outlined ideas.

Each of these topics will be covered in a series of Zoom webinars we’ve designed to highlight many of our committee’s findings.

Don James, Chair

Parent Club Best Practices Subcommittee

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