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— Grand Champions Win Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum —

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the AKC Grand Champion title, we are pleased to present the new Grand Champion Achievement Levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum to honor your dogs’ accomplishments. Since the program’s inception, more than 5,800 dogs have achieved the prestigious Grand Champion title and AKC clubs have received nearly 51,000 more Best of Breed entries as a result.

Many exhibitors have told us that they’ve enjoyed bringing their Champions out of retirement and would like to continue competing. Due to the excitement fanciers have expressed to us and the increased Conformation entries our clubs have received, we developed the Grand Champion Achievement Levels. Multiple achievement levels have worked well in other dog sports, with many Agility dogs earning numerous MACH titles, so we’re happy to introduce something similar in the Conformation world.

Beginning May 11, 2011, concurrent with the implementation of the 2011-2012 AKC Point Schedule, AKC Grand Champions will now have the opportunity to become Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Grand Champions. To obtain the Bronze level Grand Championship, a dog must achieve 100 Grand Championship points. Silver will be 200 and Gold 400 points earned while our ultimate Platinum level will require 800 Grand Championship points.

Upon reaching each level, AKC will mail special recognition medallions and certificates to the owner of record. To keep up-to-date with the competition, a new Top 100 All-Breed Grand Champions list will be featured

In addition, the online GCH Breed Lists will be expanded from the top 25 to 100 dogs including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level designations. We hope exhibitors will enjoy and embrace the newest enhancements to the Grand Championship program.

Grand Championship judging will not change with the introduction of the Achievement Levels. All Champions of Record entered in the Best of Breed/Variety competition – including intact winners of single dog Non-Regular classes – are eligible to compete for “GCh” points at all-breed, group and specialty shows at no additional entry fee. (Altered Veterans are permitted at Independent Specialties.)

After dogs have completed the initial Grand Championship title, points will continue to accumulate and the dog will be recognized upon reaching 100, 200, 400 and 800 points.

We look forward to honoring our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Grand Champions and celebrating your dog’s achievements as you strive to make breed and AKC history. For more information, or contact


Ron Menaker

May Chairman’s Report

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