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Puppy Development

Puppy Development

Environmental Stability

Independence/Self Discovery


Additional Resources

Watch Puppy Trip on YouTube!

We’re following Trip’s training and development beginning at 7 weeks. Click below to watch the playlist on YouTube.

Watch here!

Independence/Self Discovery

Early development of independent behavior

Old video, but good content

Comparing two puppies

Here are two puppies placed in an environmentally enhanced environment. Can you see a difference? (video is sped up)

Self exploration

Many people want to bait and reward dogs for moving through obstacles. There is some value in this for generalization, but what they will do on their own and gain in independence is better found in self exploration.

Obstacle courses

This video is inspiring in many ways. However, this setup doesn’t foster the kind of independence we are looking for in detection dogs.

Additional Resources

TSA Puppy Guidance MAY 08 (ppt)

2004 Dog Training Methods_Use_Effectiveness and Interaction (pdf)

2006 Experience Levels in Dogs (pdf)

2011 Trainability and Boldness Traits Between Dog Breed Clusters (pdf)

2011 Training Methods and Owner_Dog Interactions (pdf)

2012 Learning and Stress_Three Training Methods(pdf)

2013 Two Training Methods and Stress (pdf)

2017 Motivational Factors Underlying Problem Solving (pdf)<

2017 Post Learning Activity(pdf)

2015 Drive (pdf)

2017 Cortisol Variability in Human-Dog Dyads (pdf)