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Skinner in the lab

This blog is designed to be used as a resource. We have categorized the posts so that you can review what is important to you. Here are some past posts that I hope everyone considers every time they work with their dog.

The most important blog posts on theory-

Jaak Panksepp’s work on the underpinnings of core emotional states that manifest in behavior. As he stated in a conference a few year ago (paraphrasing)- “The animal only seeks to avoid stress and achieve the pleasure”

An extension of Panksepp’s work that considers the impact of arousal on the core emotions. This is a near perfect model that lets us visualize where we are when things go right and where we are when things go wrong.

The Coppingers’ work on behavioral shape or behavioral motor patterns is of vital importance in understanding working detection dogs.

The Brelands taking Skinners ideas and using theim practically.

On the practical side I find this description to be an important tool to have in your detection dog training kit.