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You need to make sure in every session that you work with the dog, that your goals for that session do not exceed the dog’s motivation and preparedness. Good to review the article posted in January.

Here are Steve Martin’s tenets of what makes an “expert” trainer:

1. Commits to using the most positive, least intrusive training methods

A-Medical, Nutritional, Physical

B-Antecedent Arrangement

C-Positive Reinforcement

D-Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior

E- Extinction, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment (in no particular order)

F-Positive Punishment

2. Empowers animals with control

3. Constantly adjusts what they do in response to what the animal does

4. Builds a big trust account

5. Minimizes the use of Time Out

7. Demonstrates flexibility

8. Practices two-way communication

9. Backs up every use of the bridge with a well-established reinforcer

10. Demonstrates a commitment to welfare