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For as long as I have been training animals, I have always found people want it to be simple and formulaic. IT ISN’T!

Animal training is a dynamic process. With a developing puppy, it is even more dynamic. To build communication and trust, you must adapt to the individual needs of the dogs in front of you. You may start with a plan and completely change it in the course of a training session.

If someone were to hold a gun to my head and demand a 12 month plan it would look something like this:


Under 6 month priorities

1 Environmental Stability 

2 Socialization

3 Reward Engagement 

4 Search

5 Olfactory Acuity 


Approaching 1 year priorities

1 Olfactory Acuity

2 Search

3 Reward Engagement

4 Socialization

5 Environmental Stability