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Above is the primary website for doing large contract business with federal agencies. If you set the search for 365 days and use key word canines you can see current offerings and some contracts awarded in the past year. I have pulled out some general statements from some of the offerings. There is much more detail in the contracts pertaining to details of behavior and medical assessments. The last offering statement is from a local law enforcement agency; these are much harder to find and are often vague and without much detail. It would be nearly impossible for someone offering a dog or two a year to fall under one of these contracts.


Department of Defense

The Buyer expects the dog to pass all evals with minimal additional training. Evals: (Search/Hunt, Courage Test, Agitation, Threatening Bite, Pursuit Bite, Reward Interest/Possessiveness, Environmental Test, Gunfire Neutral). Dog must have HIGH REWARD INTEREST. High Obedience. Conditions that do not meet technical specs: Over-aggressive dogs, unable to work around people or dogs, can’t be muzzled, Difficult to crate/uncrate, excessive panting not due to heat or exercise, Afraid/nervous/shy around people, sensitivity/fear of new surroundings and NOISE, Low drive/ no desire to complete the task, Easily distracted by noise, people/ dogs in area.

Customs and Border Patrol

A potential detector canine is one that has not been trained to detect a specific odor. CBP evaluates the canine for potential detector ability using the standards and procedures described below.

A detection canine candidate shall exhibit an obsession to play with objects, have stable character, and be gun-sure and willing to surmount difficult obstacles. The canine should prefer to play with objects more than having food, water, or the attention of the handler. NO commands will be given for the canine to retrieve.

US Department of Agriculture

This requirement calls for the delivery of Beagle and Labrador Retriever canines (hereafter “canines”) to be utilized in scent detection that have no prior odor detection training. The canines shall be purebred Beagles and Labrador Retrievers or canines with predominant characteristics of purebred Beagles and Labrador Retrievers. Beagles must weigh between 20-35 pounds and Labradors must weigh between 40-75 pounds and all canines must be between the ages of 10 months – 3 years at the time of purchase in order to be considered. Canines shall be capable of displaying high food drive, a strong sense of independence, high work ethic, stable social temperament, environmental soundness, and the ability to work among people without over-socialization, fear, aggressive or rude behaviors.

Any previous history of biting or aggressive behavior is considered unacceptable and the canine will be disqualified for assessment.

Transportation Security Administration

Assessment Requirements (Specific) – The assessment criteria for all detection canines procured will be for canines capable of working in an active, high paced and dynamic environment with many distracting stimuli (startling noise, ambient noise, other people, other dogs, and other objects). During the period of acclimation and throughout the assessment process, the canine will be observed to ensure the canine does not have environmental deficiencies or sociability issues. The canine shall be capable of displaying a strong ability to adjust to differing environments such as, but not limited to, tight spaces, various surfaces, odors, noises, stairs, vibrations, stable and unstable elevated surfaces, and movements, while maintaining the ability to actively search. This assessment will be conducted through a phased testing approach. The canine will be required to show boldness, persistence in the search, commitment to odor, and a desire to work in each phase of testing. During searches, areas without rewards or explosive odor present will be used. Prior to making Pass/Fail decisions, tests may be repeated, in any combination, as many times as the evaluator deems necessary to further assess any demonstrated behaviors. The evaluator may also omit certain tests or parts of tests.

Rhode Island local police department

General Description

A canine who demonstrates the following innate abilities:

Environmentally sound in the areas of slippery floors, loud noises, stairwells, narrow spaces, etc. The appropriate dual purpose K-9 will have a high sociability level as well as the necessary drive. The K-9 if well suited for this application will display the traits of courage, defensiveness, loyalty, and courage under fire.


K-9 must be guaranteed to pass and obtain the Explosive Detection Certification for law enforcement as long as the training is properly applied. If said K-9 is incapable of passing above mentioned certification, the K-9 with be replaced with another of equal value.