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This program has been helping people to raise detection dogs since February of 2019. That means that we have people now with adult dogs who want to know what the next step is for them to have the dog looked at for purchase.

The how of it is a little complicated. It is complicated by politics, bureaucracy and policy. It may also be complicated by location. In the times of COVID-19, we see new difficulties in both preparing a dog and in selling them. It was said best in the first of the Networking Opportunities webinar. One of our vendors stated simply that the next step is in “doing your homework”.

Above is a link for a great Facebook Page. It will show you what traits other people consider for a dog that is ready for sale and is demonstrated by video. Does your dog show the same intensity? Does your dog show the same desire to get to the reward? Does the dog work independently and show resilience for the search over time?

Another video given to our program about procurement assessment from TSA can be found here-

A paid for site that will market your dog-

Above is a link to many working canine organizations. If they are having demonstrations or competitions, it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and discover who might be looking for dogs like yours. The same can be done at the organizations listed below. (this is just a short list)

When considering your preparation, is your dog truly ready and can you evaluate your dog without bias?

Have you balanced a full year of activity through the diagram below?

Has your dog achieved maturity? Some dogs may require more months of development before they should be shown to an interested party.

Will you dog work with a stranger? Or in an unfamiliar and distracting environment?

Is your dog healthy enough to meet rigorous purchasing health standards?

Have your read the Statements of Work associated with the most demanding selection criteria from the three largest federal agencies that purchase dogs?

Have you attempted to find out what canine vendors are located the closest to where you are? (google would be the best way to see who is where)

It is probably better to do this “homework” as your pup is growing than to wait for a year of age. The AKC hopes to assist soon with a web-page that will act as a mini-market place for our program participants. We will inform everyone when that option is available.