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One of the hurdles we have to overcome is in the sales of dogs. Everyone would like to have a clear understanding of what the assessment will look like and how it is evaluated – including existing vendors.

A vendor recently brought 11 dogs to be evaluated for the DOD (Department of Defense). This vendor typically has about 70% success in selling dog to the DOD/TSA. A minor, but significant change in the assessment (how to get the dog to release the reward object) changed and zero dogs were accepted. Understand the vendor’s liability: they had two employees’ pay, lodging, food, vehicle cost, fuel cost, and the time/resources invested in preparing the dogs. Because of that one change, all was a loss.

The change was one where the government could have simply shared a change in their criteria but they did not. This happens far too frequently.

Take away –

  1. Prepare a well rounded dog
  2. Realize purchasers are not looking for an “above average” dog, they want an “extremely above average” dog
  3. There is always the possibility your dog is not the dog that they want (for a myriad of reasons)
  4. Read assessments and statements of work repeatedly to avoid surprises
  5. Have more than one option available for the sale of the dog
  6. Market your dog(s) in smart ways

We are working vigilantly for your success and trying to create a level playing field. That will take time.

UPDATE- These same 11 dogs were presented again three weeks later. 10 of 11 were accepted under the assessment in the statement of work for purchase.