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Before going into greater detail on the test in the next post, just a little bit about the order and reason for of test.

There is a very specific order to the test.

The test should be performed in an unfamiliar area.

It starts with a walk to the test site to allow for a potty break and a little acclimation to the test area.

First, chase retrieve (the retrieve name is a misnomer). Next, Hidden Grass which should be close to the Chase Retrieve area. Then a walk of about 150 feet (30 feet for 3 month olds)  where the overturned flower pots have already been set up. The walking is necessary to allow for repetitive measures of Independent Possession. The last exercises would be Hidden 1 and then Hidden 2.  Then the walk back to your vehicle (again looking at independent possession) Always in that same order.

This is not a test of training, it is a test of natural aptitude. The pups should not be pre-trained or prepared for the test. This is not an obedience exercise and should be performed with little or no control/obedience/direction. We are measuring how the dog interacts with odor and a reward object.