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Having a standard assessment allows direct comparison between dog’s performance. The decision to use the TSA/ACS Hunt test was very practical since hundreds of dogs have been assessed, which gives us a large reservoir of data to use in comparison. Everyone that turns in 3/6/9/12 month hunt test video will get a report showing where their dogs compare to the TSA pups tested by the same measures. Additionally, you compare your dog to the dogs with the least improvement (the first filial generation) and to the dogs that demonstrated the most improvement (the third filial generation). First generation dogs bred by TSA Canine Breeding and Development Center had the least amount of selective pressure and were, at least initially, the dogs we had the least experience in testing. The third generation dogs had the most breeding selection and benefited from skilled subject matter experts to test them. Additionally, the first generation dogs had less than a 25% acceptance rate into training and the third generation dogs had 100% acceptance into training.