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Agility Rule Changes

1. What is an “Agility Online Entries System?”

An Agility online entry system accepts entries into trial or accepts entries for the random draw. An online program that transmits entries to a trial secretary who makes the entry acceptance determination is NOT an “Agility Online Entries System.” For example, Infodog does not fall under the definition of an “Agility Online Entry System” because the Agility entries are not “accepted” by the system, but rather are submitted to the trial secretary who treats them as paper entries for the trial or for the draw.

2. Will trial secretaries be able to choose an Agility Online Entries service?

Yes. Trial secretaries should and will have a choice when it comes to selecting an online entry service provider. The secretary may only select one online entry service provider and it must be stated in the premium list.

3. Why will trial secretaries only be able to choose one Agility Online Entries system provider?

The “one” online entry service provider is mandated because of trial limits in Agility. Many trials reach or exceed limits. If multiple services are “accepting” online entries and the trial secretary is accepting “paper” entries, there is high probability more entries will be accepted than are allowed. By limiting the trial secretary to one online service, and requiring online and paper limits, it is not possible for this scenario to occur.

4. Will Infodog and other services that collect entry data online and submit entries to the trial secretary have to be named in the premium list?

No. As stated above, Infodog is not considered an Agility online entries service because it is not accepting entries for the trial or the draw. It is collecting entry data and submitting it to the club.

5. How should trial secretaries treat entries submitted by services not defined as an online entries service or entries received by an online entries service not named in the premium list?

Trial secretaries shall treat all entries received from such services as “paper entries.” Paper entries shall be accepted according the Regulations for Agility Trials.

6. What are the requirements for an “Agility Online Entries System?”

An Agility Online Entries System must:

  • Have a mechanism for trial secretaries to “agree” to the services provided by the entry services on a per event basis
  • Capture the same data fields as the paper entry forms
  • Be named in the premium list as the online entry service provider: The entry service may not “accept” entries for an event unless it is the name entry service provider, but it may capture entries via an online form which is then submitted to a trial secretary and treated as a paper entry.
  • Be able to accept payment for entries and transfer such payments to the club
  • “Accept” online entries for the draw or for the trial; See “What is an Online Entries System” (Question 1).
  • Provide a platform for trial secretaries to “maintain” entries
    • Accommodate setting of paper and online limits, which are not to exceed the total trial limit
    • Disallow paper entry limit set to zero
    • Disallow changing paper and online limits for the first 48 hours after the opening date
  • Limit each online “transaction” so that no more than 10 dogs are accepted per transaction
  • Disallow duplicate online entries
  • Disallow acceptance of entries prior to the opening date and time
  • Comply with the wait list regulations if a wait list is a component of the online entry system
  • Have an audit trail, including time and date stamp of:
    • All changes made to online and paper limits
    • Entries “accepted” via the entry system, entries waitlisted via the system, and entries moved from the wait list to “accepted” via the system
    • The decrease and/or increase in paper and/or online entry spaces available
  • Be in compliance with all Agility regulations not explicitly stated in the online entry system requirements.

7. Does an Agility online entries system have to accommodate an online wait list?

No. It may accommodate an online wait list, but does not have to do so in order to meet the online entry system requirements.

If the system does provide an online wait list, trial secretaries must have the ability to elect to use the feature. If utilized, the online wait list shall accept online entries into the trial as online entry spaces become available.

8. Do trial secretaries have to select an Agility online entries system provider?

No. Clubs must accept paper entries but are not required to accept online entries. If an online entries provider is not named in the premium list, the club shall set the “online entries” limit to zero.

9. Why did you eliminate “hand-deliveries” for First-Received trials?

During the first 24-hours a First-Received trial is open, hand-deliveries are disallowed to give all entrants, not just those who live in close proximity to the entry mailing address, an equitable chance of gaining entry into the trial.

Entry delivery is not restricted after the first 24 hours unless otherwise stated in the premium list.

10. Why do the original paper and online limits, which are valid for the first 48 hours after the opening date, have to be stated in the premium list?

This policy increases equity for exhibitors and it gives them the information they need to decide which method (paper or online) they would like to use. It also encourages the clubs to select “online” and “paper” limits which exhibitors will deem as fair.

11. When do these new regulations become effective?

The new Regulations for Agility Trials are effective July 1, 2005 and affect any trials held on or after July 1, 2005. If you have questions about how the new regulations affect your club’s trial, please contact Pam Manaton at for assistance.