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As one enters the efficiency suite at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, NC they are taken back to simpler days spent playing with dogs in the summertime. Painted on the walls is a mural of dogs playing ball in the grass, a Beagle sitting under an oak tree, a Dalmatian with his food dish in his mouth and a West Highland White Terrier next to a fire hydrant as butterflies and bees fly around them. Plush dog toys sit on the shelves and hang from the ceiling. Books, puzzles, prints and dog trinkets are all around. Dog bone curtains are tied back with dog collars, the shower curtain hangs with dog hooks, Labrador Retriever plates hang on the wall, and a fire hydrant cookie jar sits on the shelf.

The American Kennel Clubs Community Events Team donation of $2,000 to the Ronald McDonald House made this room possible. The AKC donated many items including the AKC Breeds Poster, prints, the AKC Purebred Dog Puzzle, The Dog Book for Kids, DOGNY plush toys, AKC Agility set and more. The room was designed and decorated by Jim and Carol Robertson of Wake Forest, NC, who regularly donate their time to help the Ronald McDonald House. Along with the monetary donation, the AKC donated 4 computers to the house for families to use during their stay.

The Ronald McDonald House of Durham provides a home away from home for families with seriously ill children. They housed 712 families in 2003. Throughout the year the employees of the AKC donate household items, collect tabs from soda cans and sponsor a Giving Tree during the holidays. On occasion, dogs are taken to the house for the children to pet and share love with. Today a new family will move into the AKC Room and hopefully they will feel comforted during their stay surrounded by the love of purebred dogs.