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-See Which Stereotypes Prevail in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut-

The results are in!  Inspired by New York City’s October 16 & 17 Meet the Breeds event™, the world’s largest responsible pet ownership event and showcase of cats and dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) and the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA®) searched through the unique personalities and traits of more than 200 dog and cat breeds to determine the best fit for the personality and character of New York City neighborhoods, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  In partnership with AOL Paw Nation, the AKC and CFA polled the public, and the masses have spoken.

The Dachshund and American Curl won the race in New York City.  The lively, friendly Dachshund, commonly known as a “hot dog” because of its long and low body which resembles a frankfurter, won 41% of voters’ hearts as the dog breed representing Brooklyn’s 94-year-old institution, Nathan’s Hot Dogs.  The fancy curled ears and silky coat of the American Curl snagged the most votes (28%) as the cat breed representing the Upper East Side’s affluent, high-society stereotype.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s big personality in a small package won the most votes (39%) representing New Jersey being the fourth smallest state in the nation with the most dense population.  The American Shorthair is the top cat with 46% of the votes in New Jersey representing the state’s misunderstood identity.  For New Jersey, it is both the Giants and Jets having their home in New Jersey, while identifying themselves as New York teams.  For the American Shorthair, the robust, good looking cat is often mistaken for its British counterpart, the British Shorthair.

Golden Retrievers can adapt to many different living situations and are beautiful to look at, and they won with 34% of the votes as the dog breed representing the fictional suburb of Stepford, Connecticut and its “Stepford Wives,” ladies who were attractive robots easily adapting to their new living situation.  The oldest known cat breed, the Persian, beat all the other cats as representing Connecticut’s stereotype of the state known for having a large population of affluent families who have been wealthy for generations with 39% of the votes.

From the Afghan Hound to the Turkish Angora, the Meet the Breeds event will showcase 160 AKC registered dog breeds and 41 CFA registered cat breeds in booths individually decorated to depict each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function, and attributes as a family pet.  The family-friendly event is an opportunity for potential pet owners to interact with responsible breeders and play with dogs and cats while educating themselves about responsible pet ownership and choosing the right pet for their lifestyle.