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From the prestigious American Kennel Club and its official publication, the AKC Gazette, comes a heartwarming tribute to our cherished canine companions. In unforgettable images and words, (Ballantine Books Hardcover; October 14, 2003; $29.95) beautifully captures the enduring bond between dogs and the owners who love them. More than 75 full-color photographs are accompanied by pieces from an astounding array of writers including Rick Bass, Breena Clarke, Roger Rosenblatt, and Doug Marlette, to name a few. Along with top dog trainers and breeders, they pay homage to the loyalty, vitality and beauty of dogs of every breed.

OUR DOGS celebrates so much of what draws us to these exceptional animals: the essence and exuberance of puppyhood; the selfless ways dogs act in service to humankind, from courageous search-and-rescue missions, to giving comfort to those in hospitals and nursing homes; and the wonderful variety of canine moods and behaviors.

Drawn from the very best of the award-winning AKC Gazette, OUR DOGS is sure to thrill the nearly 1,000,000 dog owners who register their purebreds with the American Kennel Club each year. This gorgeously designed volume honors the timeless appeal of man's best friend and is a perfect gift book that will be appreciated for years to come.

For over 100 years, the AKC Gazette has been the nation's premier magazine about dogs. The flagship publication of the American Kennel Club, the Gazette has long been recognized for its photography and top-notch writing about our canine friends. The American Kennel Club's magazinesAKC Gazette and AKC Family Dog, reach a collective audience of over 1.2 million readers.