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The Langdon Skarda Award Committee is pleased to announce the nominees for the ninth annual award. The nominees represent many aspects of the wonderful world of dogs, including breeding, exhibiting, philanthropy, obedience, handling and judging.

The nominees are:

  • Jean Atthowe
  • Damara Bolte
  • Tom Bradley
  • Ted Browning
  • Don K. Combee
  • Judith Cooper
  • Merrily Duncan
  • Muriel Freeman
  • Crystal Glidden
  • Marilyn Greene
  • Iris Love
  • Lucie (a bold toy dog)
  • David Merriam
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Anna Katherine Nicholas
  • Dorothy Nickles
  • Elizabeth Paul
  • Anne Raker
  • Sadie (a selfless pet)
  • Lloyd Skarda
  • Steve Slack
  • Dennis Sprung
  • Terry Stacy
  • Al Treen
  • Carroll H. Weies

The Committee would like to express its gratitude to those who nominated a man, woman, child or dog who they felt embodied the criteria for a winner.

The winner will be announced at the Pedigree Banquet in New York City on Saturday, February 8.

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