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The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced today the addition of two new Senior Executive Field Representatives for the Performance Events, At-Large Division:

Robert A. Mason, Senior Executive Field Representative, Performance Events At-Large. Robert started showing dogs in 1958. In the last 45 years he and his wife Shari have owned Afghan Hounds, Greyhounds, Whippets and Italian Greyhounds and bred over 100 champions including Best in Show and Specialty winners. Robert has been a member of the Oklahoma City Kennel Club since 1964, and was that club's Delegate prior to his hire. He has been an AKC licensed conformation judge for 11 years and has been an all-breed Lure Coursing judge for over 20 years.

Karla Deithorn, Senior Executive Field Representative, Performance Events At-Large. Karla obtained her first Dachshund in 1962 and became active in Obedience and Field Trials, and later Earthdog events. She has bred and owned a number of Field Champions and Obedience Titled dogs including Dachshunds, Coonhounds, a Saluki and Smooth Fox Terrier. She is also an AKC licensed judge for Earthdog and Field Trials. Karla was a judge at the first AKC earthdog tests in Oregon, awarding the first JE titles.

“These two individuals bring an enormous amount of experience to their positions,” said Gordon Heldebrant, AKC Director Performance Events. “They are a welcomed addition to the Performance Events Department.”