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The AKC Museum of the Dog is pleased to announce its next exhibition opening this winter. “Mush! A Tribute to Sled Dogs from Arctic Exploration to the Iditarod” will run from January 7th through March 29th.

This exhibit aims to educate visitors about the history of sled dogs across the globe. The efforts of these dogs included Antarctic expeditions conducted by Admiral Byrd and evolved into delivering mail through dangerous weather conditions during the early 20th century and ultimately saved countless lives in Alaska in 1925 during a deadly Diphtheria outbreak.

Artwork and historical objects are among the items that will be on display showcasing the beauty of these animals doing what they were bred to do. The exhibition features pieces from the AKC archives and Museum collection including prints, paintings, drawings, as well as an original wooden sled as well as work by sled dog artist, Jon Van Zyle. The exhibit will focus on five breeds: the Alaskan Malamute, Chinook, Newfoundland, Samoyed and Siberian Husky.

Using the AKC Museum of the Dog app, visitors will also get a behind the scenes look and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Iditarod with a selection of audio-visual presentations by contemporary mushers talking about their relationship with their dogs in Jeff Schultz’s Faces of Iditarod® series.

“For thousands of years sled dogs have played an integral part in survival in the arctic and a key role for indigenous circumpolar people,” said Executive Director Alan Fausel. “The general public has fallen in love with these breeds, but many do not realize that each dog was bred with a purpose and sled dogs still maintain their purpose today.”