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If you love your dog, leash your dog!

Give yourself peace of mind. Protect your dog by using a leash in public!

  • On a leash your dog can't run into the path of a moving car.

  • A leash keeps your dog close so you can see what he may sniff or pick up in his mouth. He has less opportunity to eat something harmful.

  • A leash helps you control him around other dogs or people.

  • A leash ensures your dog returns home safely with you instead of wandering off.

  • It's the law in most communities!


Every dog deserves to be safe. Use a leash when out in public with your dog or take him to a dog park in your community where he can run off-leash securely. Visit for a listing of dog parks around the country.

Also consider Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and obedience training for your dog. The CGC program emphasizes basic obedience that helps assure our beloved dogs will be welcome and respected members of our communities.