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Highlights from the February 2006 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:


  • The Board approved a revised policy concerning visiting judges. The following actions were taken:
    • The policy adopted at the July 2005 Board meeting was reaffirmed. However, the number of all-breed shows a visiting judge may do in a calendar year was raised from six to eight.
    • The list of visiting judges that are exempt from the all-breed show limit was frozen as it existed in 1996 and there will be no additions to that list.
    • Visiting judges who establish residences in the U.S. will only continue to be approved as a visiting judge for two years, after which they would be required to apply under the AKC system.

    The full visiting judge policy is published in the minutes of this meeting.

  • The Board adopted an AKC Code of Sportsmanship which is included in the minutes of this meeting.
  • The Board approved a request to produce a litter using the eggs harvested from a now spayed Portuguese Water Dog using a surrogate dam of the same breed. This was a one-time approval and would be contingent upon AKC having DNA profiles from the sire, dam, surrogate dam, and all dogs in any litter produced by this procedure.
  • The Board approved a procedure to accommodate the registration of Buckskin colored Plotts.


The following Delegates were approved:

  • Charles Arnold, Oakland Park, FL, to represent Fort Lauderdale Dog Club
  • Ann Cookson, Springfield, IL, to represent Illinois Capitol Kennel Club
  • Nancy M. Dandrea, Bonita, CA, to represent Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego
  • Dr. Suzanne H. Hampton, Ringwood, NJ, to represent Kennel Club of Northern New Jersey
  • David A. Helming, Flemington, NJ, to represent Hutchinson Kennel Club
  • Kenneth W. Mader, South Windsor, CT, to represent American Sealyham Terrier Club
  • Peter J. See, Somis, CA, to represent Welsh Terrier Club of America
  • Gloria H. Shaver, Fishersville, VA, to represent Skyline Kennel Club
  • Barbara Shaw, Denison, TX, to represent American Spaniel Club
  • Jane V. (Candye) Slay, Cary, NC, to represent Greater St. Louis Training Club
  • Trisha Weekley, Tryon, NC, to represent Spartanburg Kennel Club