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The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce the results of the annual election of officers, held in accordance with The Charter and Bylaws of the American Kennel Club. At the April 2019 Board of Directors Meeting, the Executive Officers were reelected to the following positions:

• Dennis B. Sprung- President and Chief Executive Officer
• Gina M. DiNardo- Executive Secretary
• Joseph V. Baffuto, Jr.- Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sprung, a former breeder, club president, delegate and judge, has worked at the AKC for 30 years and has served as President and CEO since 2004. Ms. DiNardo is a former exhibitor and breeder and has worked at the AKC for 24 years. She has served as Executive Secretary since 2017. Mr. Baffuto joined the AKC in 2000 and formerly served as AKC Controller. He has served as CFO since 2014.