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Channel offers live dog events from across the country, training and more.


AKC.TV, a digital OTT network developed especially for dog lovers, powered by the American Kennel Club, has a new look and even more content. Launched in 2018, the channel distributes 24/7 original dog centric content to viewers, whether you are a dog lover, owner or an expert, AKC.TV has content for you!

The channel, has a new look, brand new logos and has varied its programming to include more live events, increased the frequency of its weekly show to airing twice a week with a new host and is actively developing new content.

Live dog events from around the country are a pillar of AKC.TV programming. Throughout the year the network will cover various events including the AKC National Championships in Agility, Obedience and Rally, the Lure Coursing National Specialty, the Master Amateur Retriever Specialty, the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, and several other dog events from across the country.

Highlights of the new content include:

  • Twice weekly entertainment show AKC Dogcenter: Live From 101 Park which covers the latest in dog news as well as lifestyle content.
  • Interactive live show Ask the Expert that gives viewers the opportunity to get answers from dog experts in animal medicine, behavioral health, training and more.
  • Educational documentary series Meet The Breeds that chronicles the history of a different breed each episode.
  • Travel show Good Dog Destinations takes you to different cities that have unique locations that are established for dogs and their owners

“Dogs are the most popular pet in the country and every year the love for them grows,” said Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the AKC and AKC.TV Executive Producer. “The AKC has leveraged more than 130 years of expertise in dogs to create a platform that works for today’s audience We are excited to bring our audience live AKC events, great content and an abundance of information that will help them learn and be better dog owners.”

Created in conjunction with award-winning digital production and distribution company B Live, the development of AKC.TV is on par with the current trend of more than 20 million TV consumers per year “cutting the cord” and switching to streaming channels like HULU, Netflix and Sling TV, among others.

“B Live is very proud of how AKC.TV is growing and evolving in such a short period of time,” said Russell Quy, CEO of B Live. “As we continue to work with the American Kennel Club to grow the number of live events, weekly shows, and distribution channels, it is critical that all of the consumer touch points have a consistent and polished look and feel. Our new brand identity solidifies our unique place in the entertainment landscape as the best and only true digital network for dog lovers around the world.”

AKC.TV can be watched via any connected device, including computers, tablets, phones, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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