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AKC Web Site Offers Enhancements

The AKC is pleased to announce a new area on the web site under the ‘Clubs’ drop down menu titled ‘Club Services.’ By selecting ‘Club Services’ visitors can find the most current information about AKC services pertaining to clubs, including AKC’s two Club Insurance Programs, Club Liability and Accident Insurance, and Director’s & Officer’s Liability and Crime Coverage. In addition, the menu also features information on the AKC Banner Program and Club Education, including the schedule of shows where the AKC booth will be appearing.

The AKC has partnered for several years with Equisure, Inc. and Accordia to provide two affordable group insurance programs for its affiliated clubs and their Directors and Officers. The program is not a revenue source for AKC, but a service to help AKC affiliated clubs meet their liability needs.

Visit the Club Services section of AKC’s web site. For more information regarding Liability Insurance, contact Equisure Inc at 800-752-2472.