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There’s nothing like a New Year’s resolution- especially when it is a state resolution designed to promote responsible dog ownership.

Thanks to the Doggonits 4-H Club, a group of active AKC CGC supporters, the state of Washington has passed a Canine Good Citizen resolution. The Washington resolution endorses the AKC’s CGC program and its public education efforts.

Guided by Pat Putman, the Doggonits 4-H Club gathered support at local dog shows. These 4-H members have showed in AKC conformation and obedience as well as participating in CGC activities.

The club first gathered public support for the resolution by collecting signatures at dog shows. A presentation was given to the Wenatchee Kennel Club and Putman reached thousands of households with the AKC message in several radio interviews about the CGC Program.

After community support for the resolution was documented, House Representative Mike Armstrong introduced the CGC resolution to the Washington House of Representatives. Twenty House members signed on as supporters of House Resolution #4605, a resolution endorsing the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Program.

Putman, a dog fancier who has been a 4-H leader for 38 years, commented on the overall effect of the CGC project: “In 38 years of working with young people and dogs, this project has been the most successful in marrying the important issues of community service, knowledge of government, and the sport and love of dogs! We are proud of each other and our work.”


Rep.Mike Armstrong (seated) with (standing Left to Right): Hannah Virnig, Jaclyn Auvil, Ashley Burger, Leader Pat Putman, Meredith Robinson, and Jessica Somers.
Left to right: Leader Elaine Virnig, Leader Rose Auvil, Ashley Burger, Jaclyn Auvil, Meredith Robinson, Jessica Somers, Hannah Virnig, and Leader Pat Putman.