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If your dog can pass the following 10 steps, then he may be on his way to becoming a certified Canine Good Citizen! Try these with your dog.

Does your dog:

  • Accept a friendly stranger?
  • Sit politely for petting?
  • Welcome being groomed and examined by a veterinarian?
  • Walk on a loose leash in public, turning and stopping when commanded?
  • Walk through a crowd politely?
  • Sit and lie down on command, staying in place?
  • Come when called?
  • React politely to another dog?
  • Keep calm when faced with distractions?
  • Behave when left in the care of someone else?

To find an official CGC test or obedience class in your area, visit our Training Resources section. You’ll also find more detailed information about each of the 10 steps listed above.