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New York, NY- The American Kennel Club® announced today that BAYER’s K9 Advantix, the topical solution that repels and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and repels biting flies and kills lice , will sponsor the AKC® Veterinary Outreach and AKC Veterinary Network programs as well as the AKC Online Breeder Classifieds (OBC).

The AKC Veterinary Outreach Program serves as a bridge between the AKC and the veterinary community by providing the most up-to-date information about purebred dogs and canine health research. As part of this program the AKC provides more than $150,000 annually in scholarships to veterinary and veterinary technician students, hosts seminars for veterinary students, attends veterinary conferences and shares information through the AKC Veterinary Outreach website.

Veterinarians participating in AKC‘s Veterinary Network program receive the latest information on purebred dogs, canine health research, AKC events, permanent identification and pet health insurance. The program also offers all puppies newly registered with the AKC a complimentary first veterinary office visit with one of the 3,600+ practices currently enrolled in the program—a number that is growing daily.

As the exclusive tick and flea sponsor of the Vet Outreach and Vet Net programs, K9 Advantix will reach out to veterinarians and new AKC registrants alike by awarding up to $45,000 in scholarship money to deserving veterinary technician students; sponsoring a special edition of the AKC’s Guide to Purebred Dogs poster, which will be distributed to vet offices around the nation; and offering AKC Complete Dog Books to the approximately 2,600 veterinary students that graduate each year. K9 Advantix will also have the opportunity to reach out to the breeders with seasonal flea and tick prevention messages and add special offers for product samples to the complimentary first vet visit certificate that AKC e-mails to new registrants.

“Our Vet Outreach and Vet Net programs have been instrumental in the exchange of ideas and information between the AKC and veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary students,” said Debra Bonnefond, Director of AKC Veterinary Outreach. “With support from K9 Advantix, we will be able to carry on serving this community at a high level and continue the dialogue started between the dog fancy, the general public and these trusted professionals.”

“We are pleased to join the AKC in supporting those in the veterinary profession,” said Fiona McLellan, Marketing Manager for K9 Advantix. “Bayer HealthCare Animal Health has a long history dedicated to the advancement of health in the canine community and we hope that our participation in these programs will help advance the health and well-being of all dogs.”

Additionally, K9 Advantix will serve as the exclusive tick and flea sponsor of the AKC Online Breeder Classifieds. The AKC OBC is a web-based service designed to bring breeders of AKC-registrable puppies together with potential pet owners. A breeder of an AKC-registered litter may place a listing on the site and information about the litter is then made available to prospective puppy buyers. K9 Advantix will educate puppy buyers about maintaining their new pup’s health by controlling ticks, fleas, mosquitoes biting flies and lice.

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