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Award to be Presented to Legislator in Each State

New York, NY- The American Kennel Club® (AKC) is pleased to announce that Texas Representative Edmund Kuempel has been awarded the inaugural James S. Holt Memorial Award for Promotion of Responsible Dog Ownership in Legislation (“Holt” award) in honor of his work to defeat harmful dog legislation.

The Holt award, administered by the AKC Government Relations Department, is a memorial to the late Dr. James S. Holt, who served for 17 years as the AKC’s federal legislative consultant, participated in the sport of purebred dogs for more than 40 years, and served as an AKC Delegate and Board member. Beginning in 2010, the Holt award will honor one legislator in each of the 50 states who demonstrates a commitment to promoting responsible dog ownership, the well-being of dogs, and whose actions advance the mission of the American Kennel Club.

As Chairman of the Texas House Committee on Licensing and Regulation, Representative Kuempel played a crucial role throughout the 2009 Texas legislative session in working with dog owners and breeders to amend and ultimately defeat House Bill 3180, an extremely onerous bill that infringed on the rights of responsible dog breeders.

“We commend Rep. Kuempel’s extraordinary work as a champion for dogs and responsible dog owners in Texas, and we are honored to present him with this award,” said Sheila Goffe, AKC Director of Government Relations. “We believe that the Holt award will be a positive force in promoting the passage of reasonable and enforceable canine legislation across the country.”

Chairman Kuempel will be presented with the inaugural Holt award at the San Antonio Kennel Club show on Saturday, March 13, in San Antonio, Texas. The San Antonio Kennel Club will also be celebrating their 100th anniversary as an AKC club at this event.